The May 2012 meeting of the Discussion Group when Alex Mair led the Discussion.

The Discussion Group is now a well-established part of the Club. The first Chairman was Gordon Williamson and he was followed by Bill Mitchell, Charles Henderson,David Burnside, with Mel Keenan leading the group since 2014.

The format is that we meet at 6pm in The Reynolds Room, normally (but not always) on the first Tuesday of the month. The sessions last just over an hour starting off with the Discussion Leader addressing the members for about 30 minutes, followed by lively discussion and debate. A feature of the meetings is that all those attending normally take part in the discussion so that the sessions are interactive. Members then enjoy a two course supper and coffee.

Those attending are asked to advise the Club at least a day beforehand. The group covers a wide range of subjects, both serious and humorous, and from time to time we have two speakers, one on each side of the argument.


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