As we are still a young (in spirit if not in age) group, we greatly welcome new members, and if anyone is interested please come along to the next meeting of the group, or contact either the Club Office or Peter Duffus.

The aim of the group is to explore all areas of interest involving photography. This might include technical advice on cameras and taking photographs, picture composition, printing and presentation, computer photo manipulation, legal and ethical issues and of course presentation and discussion of photographs taken by the group. Members are available for weddings and bar-mitzvahs for an appropriate fee!

No specialised equipment is necessary and we welcome the use of any camera from a mobile phone to a professional SLR. Magnesium flares, however, are not welcome in the Club!

We have developed a regular monthly challenge of taking photographs, the latest of which can be viewed in our Gallery page and on display in the entrance of the Club. The photographer is free to interpret the theme as they see fit.

As the group is still young, new members are welcome and will help to mould the future development of the club.

Contact Details

The Club Office
Tel: 01224 583292

Peter Duffus