The Club Snooker Quaich is played for on an annual basis, with the competition usually starting in October each year. If interested in participating then please contact the Club Office, who will be able to give you further information on this year's Singles and Doubles competitions.

The Club's snooker table, located in the billiard room, is available for use by Members and guests throughout the year. A reservation book, to ensure your time slot, is placed on the Member's table opposite the coat rack.


The Club Office
Tel: 01224 583292

Bernard Vincent is presented with his 2018 trophy

Singles Champions

2018: B. Vincent

2017: S Scott-Wilson

2016: I. Smith

2015: I. Smith
2014: I. Smith
2013: B. Vincent
2012: I. Smith
2011: I. Smith
2010: I. Smith
2009: B. Vincent
2008: I. Smith
2007: C. McAndrew
2002: S. Cusiter
2001: S. Cusiter
2000: J. Cockburn
1998: J. Cockburn
1997: J. Cockburn
1996: J. Cockburn
1995: J. Cockburn
1994: J. McDonald
1993: J. Cockburn
1988: J. McDonald
1987: J. Cockburn
1986: J. Chisholm
1985: G. Farquharson

Doubles Champions

2018: I. Smith and G. Sheaman

2017: B. Vincent and C Lawrie

2016: I. Smith and G. Sheaman

2015: B. Vincent and P. Burnet
2014: B. Vincent and S. Scott Wilson
2013: G. Sheaman and A. Cameron
2012: I. Smith and A. Burns
2011: I. Smith and A. Cameron
2010: I. Smith and A. Cameron
2009: C. McAndrew and J. Guthrie
2008: C. McAndrew and J. Guthrie