The Strollers, otherwise known as the Hillwalking group, is a long and well established one that is not restricted to Members but very much welcomes their spouses, and family members to join us. We are very sociable and indeed the pace of walking can sometimes be dictated by the need to keep talking as well. We meet every third Sunday of the month unless this coincides with a notable date. In September we have two days away to walk the first of these and golf or otherwise distract ourselves on the second day. This also allows us to go further afield and enjoy walks not so easily accessible from Aberdeen in one day. In October we join in the RNUC annual dinner dance.

Each walk is organised by one of the group members. This ensures a variety of walks that are always pleasurable and of interest. From March through to October we picnic for lunch and usually retire for other refreshment at the end of the walk. In the other months we have shorter walks and end with lunch at a convenient venue in the interests of the shorter periods of daylight and the possibility of inclement weather. That said we have been exceptionally fortunate not to have had much in the way of bad weather for any walks. Long may that continue!

Walks vary in distance and ease with none being adventurously difficult. Anyone of reasonable fitness to play a round of golf or curl is likely to be able to undertake our walks. The details of each walk are available on the Club website and provided each month on the signing in sheet displayed in the Club's Smoke room.

We are always interested in welcoming new members, younger or older. Why not join us? All you need do is add your name to the list that is displayed in the Club each month. If you are new to the group please leave your telephone number and email address there or if you prefer with one of the Club staff or Clifford Eastmond.

Contact Details

Clifford Eastmond
Tel: 01224 790370

The Club Office
Tel: 01224 583292